The only things that matter to a startup

6 Easy Pieces from Tycoons and Magnates

  1. Product/Market Fit — Marc Andreessen
  • "The #1 company-killer is lack of market."
  1. Founder/Market Fit — Chris Dixon
  • Have "a deep understanding of the market [you] are entering".
  • "Personify [your] product, business, and ultimately [your] company."
  1. Consistent Growth — Paul Graham
  • Aim for 5-7% week-over-week growth in your key metric.
  1. Key Metric - people really using your product — Josh Elman
  • Define what constitutes "really using".
  • Count how many people are doing that.
  1. Compass Metric - Tobi Lutke
  • Guide and align the whole team toward the compass metric.
  • Drive toward it with frequent performance reports and reviews.
  1. The Metric of Your Life - Clayton Christensen
  • Choose your key business metric as a subset of the metric by which you measure your life.
  • This will help you avoid getting caught up in marginal thinking or on local maxima.