Trends to Watch in 2013

The mind is a competitive environment.

Embrace the chaos and flux of the human mind.

Customer-facing employees are your brain and your backbone.

Listen, learn, and enable them to help you win.

Analog will never go away.

Nostalgia condenses in old formats.

Worth is determined by philosophy, not price.

Ensure that your ideals resonate with the target market.

Narrative is a delivery vehicle to make information stick.

Tell stories, listen to stories, think in stories.

Repair and repurpose are the new killer apps.

Fixing something brings a person closer to it.

Technology moves too fast to care about.

Emphasize the experience with the product, not its features.

Flawless function is tomorrow's great user experience.

Keep things simple and reliable

Brand loyalty is how we escape decision fatigue.

Be trustworthy by telling their story.

Human interaction has never been more precious.

Look for places to act more human rather than automate.

Gen Y is creating its own service economy.

Peddle to generations with different solutions.

Everyone is a specialist.

Embrace connoisseurship: yours and theirs.