Well of Being Concepts

around the Well of Being & Supporting Research

Value of Play

  • what are we saving life from?
  • can we die as playfully as we live?
  • celebrate or prolong life
  • defy and delay death or embrace it
  • This coronation is our initiation into the service of sovereignty through caring life

Codex of Truth

  • according to seer Edgar Cayce, the as-yet hidden Hall of Records under paws of Sphinx contains holographic tablets of glass that tell the story of those who colonized Earth

Song of Nature

  • phi, the golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence, and laws of musical harmony present themselves throughout the evolved patterns, behaviors, and structures of nature


  • following the principles of Morphic Resonance/Morphogenesis:
    • the habits of nature tend to evolve, and
    • similar beings of nature tend to learn/teach each other new habits by learn/teaching themselves
      • the daily crossword puzzle is easier at night
      • rats can solve a maze that lots of other rats across the world have practiced, or that their parents have practiced
  • when a new path is discovered by a goat, all the goats consorb the new way. the goatherd, having habitually and intentionally tuned to the goats' field, consorbs their new knowledge as well

Prophetic Dreams

Seeing through Others' Eyes

Timeless Olfactory