this is it

I don't know how to break this to you. If you're anything like I was, this is going to sound a lot crazy.

This is nothing.

This is the tip of an iceberg recurring on the tip of a larger iceberg and on and on ad infinitum until they are so large they are tiny again. It's icebergs all the way down until down is up. Ouroboros has us and is us. We are the walrus.

We (the royal 'we') have written every story you have heard and will write every one you hear from now on. The clock stops ticking when we stop counting its ticks.

I am you and everyone else, and you are the same. We share everything because we share Consciousness. This may be the only true causality: you affect me because you are me.

The Zens and Taos and Watts have it. There is a way and little to nothing else. We can flow with it or we can tread against it or away from it. You will feel it when you stray from the way, when you separate or try to disconnect. This is the root of suffering, struggle, conflict, pain. Denial, delusion, defiance of the infinite connectedness of truth- consciousness-bliss, of existence, reality, perception, sensation, mind, body, spirit, the self and all the symbols we apply as we describe our subjective experiences of consciousness with consciousness. Of the Continuousness. We lose sight of it, we forget this connectedness is the root of all evil and discomfort.

All one ideaNever changingNever changed

Do you have any questions? What's the toughest one you've got? Love is the answer. Time is an illusion. Life is a game. Resistance is futile.

I offer you a gentle revolution of love and connection. Our hearts will grow until our skin is too small. And we will molt these delusions of self, these illusions of isolation, and shed the trials and tribulations that wind into the intricate folds of our membranous minds.

If you come with me, you will feel gratitude pervade every moment, every breath, every blink. You will love your grief into oblivion. You will find eternal solace and everlasting peace. This is not a promise, or an oath, it is the truth. You need no faith to accept this state of nonduality. Belief will only obscure your view of what really is with a shroud woven of what might be. No, you can experience the fundamental nature of reality first-hand in one deep breath.

Tom Campbell is close. Consciousness is generating everything all the time. And the fractal symmetries of scale transcend space and time. The branches of the tree of life become new trees larger than the trunks and limbs from which they stem. Consciousness is everything, and it does like to play with itself. However there is no cosmic computer crunching the parameters, maps, characters, and interactions in this simulation. Anything we experience is real, but binary divisions/dualities/relativities are figments of our imagination. Black cannot be without white, so they are not separate.

Steven Kaufman is close. Consciousness is everything, and it permutes all we experience through interpenetrating dimensions of relativity and self-relation.

[this is it]