The Well of Being v3

19 April 2020

Very long ago but not so far away, Ollie awoke into a wiggly new day.

Try as he might, scouring Earth and Sky, neither he nor anyone besides could find the Well.

Ollie had been very young when his quest began. That first glimpse of the Codex had cinched his fate.

Back then no one could read it. though all the world's scholars and scientists had tried to decipher it for a thousand years.

The Codex had lay buried for ages unknown in a tomb of rainbow gemstone in the clutches of a giant crystal skeleton, harder than diamond, glowing with its own energy.

Mining for plutonium, a mile-long drill had struck the impenetrable cluster of gem. Hard as it was, it shattered and shook the earth above apart opening chasms into which the miners fell.

Weeks later a rescue team was finally able to reach the bottom where the miners had fallen. Though they had not survived, the rescuers stood agape in wonder at the vein of gem.

The giant crystal skeleton lay in peace on its back like a twenty-foot-tall pharaoh with nothing but the Codex in its hands over its heart.

The Codex too was harder than diamond and glowed as though it were made of the full moon.

Upon it was etched an array of symbols like nothing anyone had ever seen. No one could make sense of the Codex, except for one piece that was incontestably obvious: the eye gazing into the Well.

For generations the best and brightest tried their hand, and gradually the Codex was forgotten and lost in the annals of time, shrouded in mystery.

A thousand years after its discovery, the more devoted Codex enthusiasts, like Ollie, carried a Codex card with them, a token of their belonging, and a reminder of its awesome inscrutability.

Many people throughout the centuries claim to have deciphered the Codex and claim to have found the Well. The most famous of these lived high in the Hindu Kush where he wrote thousands of poems comprised mostly of riddles.

It was Shubh Anumaan that dubbed it the Well of Being, albeit in his native Kalosh. To the surging dismay of his descendants, despite Anumaan's insistence that the Well could not be found, his fans and adherents left no stone unturned in Kashmir.

And so Olikós Élenchos, having scanned every speck of the cosmos, had found the Well of Being within himself, and understanding that to foam well is to breath easy went on to live his life and find his wife and tell their children these stories of his adventures. And he never worked another day in his life. He cared for his family in every moment with his whole being. In fact, he cared for everyone and everything that way. And each day he wrote poems about the Well. But he never could quite tell you how to get there.