The Well of Being

We know all about the Well. It's in there, waiting at heart center, at the bottom of your soul, echoing what you know.

Here I am developing a multiverse of stories situated around the Well of Being.

The most developed story in this space so far tells us about [Ollie and the Well of Being]. Here's a PDF of that.

Along the way, in [Anumaan and the Well of Being], we meet Anumaan, a goatherd in the Hindu Kush c. 44000 BP.

We also encounter [Fil and the Well of Being], and Hugo, Gracie, Trix, and, Quant.

The stories share [Well of Being Characters] and [Well of Being Concepts].

Previous drafts of Ollie's tale:

The creation myth in these 'verses is called [Dust Nugget]. There have been previous iterations:

And there is more in the beat-up yellow notebook #toArchive and #toTranscribe.

There are many [dust nuggets to come]. Khalil Gibran, anyone?

I'm particularly interested in the harmonics of evolution. We see them at play in [Systems of Decimal Octave Evolution] and in [The Complexity of Ancient Humanity].