Nameless Todos

Tracking the devsign of [Nameless]


  • remove entries from journal?
  • removing an entry doesn't happen until Journal is reloaded
  • refresh Journal entry list after remove entry
  • see logged in user profile on journal or config pages
  • order in journal is opposite intended. latest first pleaze


  • Oracle first step scroll left is janky on mobile
  • Sitenav themeswitch overlaps logo on mobile


  • make a page for each roll?
  • store users in Sanity?
  • search? integration - Fuse or Algolia
  • merge phone and email accounts when logged in with both
  • save config preferences to firebase
  • expand and host database
    • consider firebase with a simple custom CMS
    • consider Sanity if vue-sanity can work
    • consider Airtable or Serverless functions
    • ask Josh
  • add Takashima translation


Text/source - content

  • Visionary from Paul O'Brien
  • Online Clarity from Hilary Barrett
  • the Takashima translation
  • consider making clones of other divination methods


  • zzfx on reveal answer and show oracle
  • arrow keys to move between tiles
  • show adjacent cards with arrows
    • add tappable arrows on sides of card
    • keyboard arrow nav
  • Shift or meta click on tiles to keep the others open



Test and Release

  • scroll to help when selected
  • scroll to query input on focus on mobile
  • highlight Becoming hex in full list as well
  • give the Change view a home in the Sitenav
  • hilight the rolled tiles in the Changes views
  • help icons aligned right due to class collision
  • make this a progressive web app (PWA)
  • add a user model to the App?
  • TriGlyph too big in Change.vue and HexaTile.vue for mobile
  • Hexagram on Tile on mobile needs margin
  • Login with Phone doesn't work in prod on mobile, no error msg, no code received
  • Login with Email broken in prod, probly domain or baseurl thing
  • link between being and becoming change of a roll on the Change view
  • make being and becoming link to each other
  • allow login to save rolls and results
  • Show the roll in the oracle response view


[x] Config - global user settings

  • pinny - pinyin or not
  • wenny - king wen or not
  • texty - text or glyphs first
  • primary text - Wilhelm or Barrett?
  • hermagrams or hexagrams

[x] FTE

  • OracleIntro.vue pops up before OracleQuery
    • Welcome to Nameless: A Paean to the Yijing
    • Introducing the Oracle
    • [Consult the Oracle] button
  • give the oracle its own root level route
  • FAQ
    • What is a Paean?
    • Why is it Nameless?
    • What is an Oracle?
    • How does it work?
    • What does it cost?
  • passwordless login