How I Built This

I first encountered the digital garden when I stumbled upon @yenly's Notes to Self. Eureka! It became immediately clear what I had to build. So when it came time to muster my courage and go public with all these crazy, incoherent ramblings, I dutifully tried a bunch of other approaches and avenues, and then eventually returned to the [Foamy NextJS Starter] template for fast page loads thanks to SSG, and familiarity with NextJS. More on [[why-i-chose-foamy-nextjs]].

I've also kept track of the [Bumps in the Foamy Dev Trail], which might be useful to others going this way.

Devsign-wise, the sunny color palettes are inspired by young son Zephyr. There are light and dark, sea and land themes so far. The switches for which run on a great lib next-themes that now replaces my handrolled moonface (which you can still flip off over at Easeness).

The typography arrives via @fontsource which allows us to serve Google Fonts along with the payload of the site, and to fine-tune precisely which font files are sent. I use variable fonts to lighten the load.

[Foam] is great

Next was Now, kind of

Examples and Features

  • [[eg-syntax-highlighting]] via Prism, which I rethemed with Synthwave '84, which glows a blade runner's uvula
  • image in markdown [[eg-excalidrawn]]
    • [[eg-next-image-component]]
  • [[eg-numbered-footnotes]] in subfolder using remark footnotes
  • [[eg-jsx-component-in-mdx]]