Foamy NextJS Starter

This starter combines Foam with NextJS. I built this using NextJS with MDX example repo as my base repo.

Getting Started

  1. Click on Use this template button
  2. Clone the repository locally
cd your-local-repo-name
npm install
# or
yarn install
npm run dev
# or
yarn dev

Foam requires specific VS Code extensions for it to work properly. Open the repository as a folder using the File > Open... menu item. When prompted to install recommended extensions, click Install all (or Show Recommendations if you want to review and install them one by one).

Open in /pages directory and edit to your heart's content. All other markdown files and notes folder are examples. Before doing so, I recommend clicking around to see how things work.

How to customize

I purposefully built this starter to be bare in styling and functionality to leave plenty of room to customize and build on top.

Basic Global styles

I used Gridlover to generate a typography system with modular scale and vertical rhythm. Add your preferred fonts, choose your own scale, and replace all styles in /styles/global.css between these comments

/* begin gridlover perfect fourth scale */
/* ... */
/* end gridlover perfect fourth scale */

Syntax highlighting theme

Add your preferred prism theme CSS file in /styles folder and import it to _app.js

import '/styles/prism-theme-night-owl.css'

You can convert your VS Code theme to use with this tool: VS Code to Prism Themes

Note: This uses prism-react-renderer for syntax highlight. It's set to use styles from css so the theme is set to null in CodeBlock component. Refer to prism-react-renderer FAQ for other methods.

CSS Styling Methods

NextJS uses CSS Modules by default. Next JS Docs: Built-In CSS Support on how to configure for other methods.


site.config.js is used for populating site name in the Header and Layout components.

export default {
title: 'Foamy NextJS',
description: 'Digital Garden built with Foam and NextJS with MDX',
author: 'Yenly Ma',

Remark and Rehype plugins

Add/remove plugins in next.config.js

const remarkImages = require('remark-images')
const remarkExternalLinks = require('remark-external-links')
const remarkFootnote = require('remark-numbered-footnote-labels')
const withMDX = require('@next/mdx')({
extension: /\.mdx?$/,
options: {
remarkPlugins: [remarkImages, remarkExternalLinks, [remarkFootnotes]],

How to upgrade Foam

Fork the latest Foam template. Copy .vscode directory to your root level of your repo. Open your workspace and things should magically work. It's Foam's magic sauce. If not, try:

  • update VS Code extensions defined in .vscode/extensions.json
  • disable and enable extensions needed and restart VS Code

How to deploy

I pick this stack for its easy deploy to Vercel. To deploy under a sub-path on your domain, use basePath option.

Recommended Resources