Shall I aspire to keep evergreen notes?

From Andy's Working Notes, an evergreen note is:

  • Atomic - presents one cohesive, complete, consistent idea
  • Well-titled - memorable, descriptive, a good title acts as the note's API
  • Densely-linked - well-developed notes can be more densely-linked with each other
  • Concept-oriented - beyond author, book, topic, setting, context, what is the concept here?

The evergreen note seems to have been developed by Andy Matuschak, as a sort of organic evolution of the [Zettelkasten].

Andy warns us that hierarchies for information can stop us from seeing its natural contours. Perhaps the Foam Graph will help me to see the shapes over time.

And also that tags are ineffective associators as they are quite coarse-grained, like a "See also" section. If we aim for density, associations between ideas must be fine-grained, demonstrated by intricate, well-defined relationships. [Fine grained associations yield dense linking].

I notice that so far many of the links I have made are shallow and coarse. The [Zettelkasten] note tells us to also see the [Digital Garden].