Easeness vs. Business

Some Light Name Play

Anywhere business is mentioned, we want to slot in "[Easeness]". As you might imagine, there are dozens, even hundreds, of idioms involving "business" that signify how beholden, how violated, how usurped we sovereign few have become by the pursuit of progress. Business dominates the narrative in almost every sector these days. These days even the realms supposed to benefit our well-being have been poisoned by business, infected with toxic hurry. Look at healthcare (at least in the West) and you'll find mostly diagnoses and treatments according to redeemable insurance codes, prescription drug lobbyists puppeteering the doctor next door, hospital administrations on the take from Big Pharma, and generally an obsession with illness where wellness is ostensibly the goal.

Let's take it for a spin.

How's easeness these days?

Going out of business! Being in Easeness.

Give 'em the easeness.

Mix business with pleasure, you get easeness.

Business before pleasure. Easeness is our pleasure.

Taking care of ____. Easeness. Every day!

There's no business like no busyness.

Relax. You have no business being so busy.

Keep your flows out of my business.

Punctuality is the soul of business. Unity is the soul of easeness.

Mind your own easeness. Be the sole proprietor.

Business as usual, easeness is unusual.

Easeness as unusual.

I'm making it my easeness.

Get busy living, or get busy dying. Or be easy.

This relationship is strictly easeness.

We're either taking care of business, or taking care of ourselves.

Watch where you're pointing the busyness end of that thing.

Easeness is none of my business. Business is none of my easeness.

Closed for business. Now open with easeness.

You march into my place of Easeness spouting vitriol and dripping with anxiety. Then we chill.