Dust Nugget v1

at the beginning we're a dust nugget and so at the end

as seed becomes tree becomes seed as bird lays an egg to crack around bird so the nugget scatters dust as every wave of light to dance every dance as it sings every song until all rays entwine in all ways become one again in the tightness of whirls the eye sees itself as the light it compiles

in between we find all of us in the midst of the dance trees wave in the sun as bees sing flowers open a bear rolls with its cubs as snow melts into streams flowing rivers into seas who cloud up the skies to send rain to the fields for the trees and the flowers buzzed by bees making berries slurped by bears, chewed and swallowed bountiful beauty ripe for the kissbite of the tiger stalk-tickler the reindeer root-nibbler the hare-brained hop-scribbler and the rest of the zoo

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