Digital Garden

Where on the web one may plant seeds to see if they grow. The ideas presented in a digital garden are often raw and incomplete. They may not bear fruit. And they are not for sale, most of the time. A garden is kept for the joy of it, for the bliss of the grit.

Maggie Appleton has been instrumental in this exploration, curating a garden of the digital gardening space, offering the story, and inspiring as a note-taker.

It was Yenly whose garden introduced me to the concept on [Thursday, March 4, 2021] and [Journal Entry, Friday, March 05, 2021].

See also [Zettelkasten], [Second Brain], [Commonplace], [Foam].

Shawn @swyx Wang's Digital Garden Terms of Service may sound oxymoronic, but therein lies some sound sentiments. I'm sure [Easeness] will eventually approach the policy of this digital second brain garden movement.