Custom Business-to-Easiness Plans

  • We help real businesses virtualize with ease.
  • From business to easeness: we help you go virtual.
  • We help businesses reopen on the Web, easily.

Nowadays we live in two worlds — one physical, the other digital.

In the physical world, Coronavirus is King, and fear reigns supreme. We cower in our homes. We hide our faces. We avoid getting too close. Business once kept us busy, but business is dwindling.

Meanwhile the digital world is all symbols and screens. We struggle to cut through the ads, to decipher new apps and interfaces, to tell spam from shazam. With software, we know we can automate and streamline our business until it is easy to run. On the Web, Easeness is booming.

Do we need to continue to operate our businesses in the physical world where fear gums up the works?

For many of us the digital world is too bewildering. It is easier to flail about in masked futility than it is to sit down and read the docs.

That's where Easeness come in. We read the docs. We'll show you the ropes. If you want, we'll (virtually) hold your hand the whole way as you transition from business to easiness.


Business isn't fun, but it sure does keep us busy. Wouldn't it be great if we could earn the income we need and have as much free time as we want? Wouldn't you love your stress levels to plummet while your bottom line stays balanced? We can transmute your business into easiness, and necromance your deadlines into livelines.

The Target Outcome

You spend less time busy, more time easy, and earn the same or more income.

Our products are similar to a business plan and a business model, only they are easy and not busy.


Much of business is repetitive. Computers are far better at repetition than we are. So we (1) take a close look at your business, (2) isolate the robotic, repetitive actions (the busy parts), (3) model and automate them with algorithms and AI, and (4) reserve the unique, sacred touchpoints (the easy parts) for you lovely hoo-persons. (5) Lather, rinse, repeat.

Our Process

  1. We get to know your business.
  2. We determine how your business becomes easiness.
  3. We offer you an easiness plan.
  4. We offer to execute that plan.
  5. We check in periodically to offer more easiness.


Life is sacred. We're tempted from a young age to quantify this glorious gift into time and money. We're asked to objectify ourselves as workers, to choose an occupation. As we search for meaning, we strive to become meaningful, and failing at both, we capitulate and occupy our time with something useful, something productive, something we hope is, at least, not evil.

Life is sacred. Every breath is an opportunity to create beauty and destroy suffering. Staying busy distracts us from our true, boundless potential within this present moment. Resting easy preserves space around us for creativity and healing now • here. By converting business to easiness, we aim to free our hearts from the cages our minds fearfully forge around them.