Time is the currency

Track 2

Beat out my heart. Thump my chest till I'm alive. Count the resonance inside. I will die first and you will last.

Our lives are measured in beats per infinity, our hearts in open arms. Our minds are labyrinthine. Your smile determines mine.

One thing I only knew: How good it is to see you! To be with you. To be or not, to be within you. For you. With you. Of you.

This song is more than I could write. Your love is more than I could bear. Your life is hard and soft. Your arms grow stronger still.

Heartbeats tick away— the only true accounts. Your beat has played with mine as my mind has you.

We've got a few more beats before I touch the sky, before I let go, before I cry to die.

inspired by "Time" by Pink Floyd and "Adam's Song" by Blink-182