The Rules of the Game

You are (I am) [Awareness].

  • "Awareness has one ability: it tends. The one becomes two. #[Tao Te Ching]"
  • You can pay [Attention].
    • You [experience] [Reality] as you direct your [Attention].
      • You can experience yourself in relation to reality as you direct your attention inward.
      • You can experience reality in relation to yourself as you direct your attention outward.
  • You can set [Intent].
    • You impact [Reality] through actions that manifest your [Intent].
    • You will eventually [experience] the impact of your intent. #karma

You have a [Body].

  • A body is made of [Matter] and runs on [Energy].
    • You can only move your body, directly. you can only make your choices. #[Free Will]
    • Your body can move other bodies, and your choices can make others' choices.
    • [On Time] slows down and [[mass]] builds for [Matter] as it accelerates. #relativity
    • Your body will grow and hurt and heal and eventually disintegrate and become [Food]. #pain #pleasure #death #[Law of Return]

[Affinity] governs [Existence].

  • Like attracts like into union.
  • Difference repels when close, attracts when far.
  • The more connected you become, the better you will feel. this is [Emotion] at work, moving us together back to [[unity]]
  • Union, community, epiphany, reuniting, birth, marriage, Shared joy/[[mudita]] and mutual bliss/[[orgasm]] bring us [pleasure], which along with fear of [Pain], fuels our [[drive]].
  • The more separated we end up [[feeling]], the worse you will become.
  • Division, isolation, discombobulation, dismemberment, divorce, and [death] are painful, separating experiences you will want to avoid. #pain
  • [Love] is the answer.