Pantry Raid

A Proposal for St. John's

Last time I went to help with breakfast at St. John's, they didn't have enough food. But they said I could cook for them, which I feel is a thrilling opportunity. So I formulated this plan.

Each week, a host will emerge from among you lovely wonders. On Wednesday night, I and a select team of ersatz improv chefs will raid and Kondo your pantry.

We'll cook up a big ol' batch of yummy, nourishing lovingkindness with the foodstuffs that have been long overlooked.

Then we catch forty winks, and rise at dawn to feed the hungry Friscans at St. John's.

In the first few weeks, we'll learn what they like to eat, what they need nutritionally, and how much to offer. Then I'll start arranging Phase 2.

In Phase 2, we fish around for local businesses and offices that routinely have leftover catered foods. Then we identify who feeds the hungry of San Francisco, where and when, and establish some new charitable channels.