The Origin of Everything

Only Every Annotated

Being + Awareness => Consciousness => Change + Memory => Science + Technology => Universe + Humanity + Science + Consciousness => Transcendence

Only wills being. Only will be. Only is.

There is no beginning or end, so we won't bother to start at the beginning. What exists does so because it wants to. The opposite also becomes true. What does not want to exist eventually does not.

What exists is all there is, so we can call it the one and only. Our language, as a derivation and subset of all there is, will necessarily fail to describe all there is in any one word or combination of words. So we're just choosing a short name that evokes the spirit of oneness: [only].

Only sees.

[Awareness] is the seed of [Consciousness]. Just a dim awareness will do at first. Here we can use our familiarity with our earthly sense of sight as a metaphor for the foundational awareness of consciousness.

Imagine a sentient seed in a dimensionless void having its first thought: nothing. For a hands-on experience of this dim awareness, you could try meditating in complete sensory deprivation until you lose track of everything. I haven't run this experiment yet, so please don't take that as an endorsement or recommendation.

Only sees being.

Our sentient seed iterates on its awareness of the [void] and becomes aware of a point hovering in the empty nothingness. The point doesn't emit light or sound, it has no mass or energy, it doesn't move, it has no size or position. None of that matters to the seed anyway, because the seed has only being and awareness, which—as luck would have it—become an awareness of being.

But seeing isn't believing. Alone without feeling, Only asks for meaning. What else can be?

Our self-aware seed is one and knows it. No desire to slake. No suffering to ease. No need, no action, no other state. It could stay this way. Why change anything?

Left to itself with only one mantra on its [Mind], it chants its awareness—"I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I…"—on and on and on until its awareness iterates again—"…am I am I am I am I?"

In the echo chamber of its mind, "I am" becomes "Am I?"

Then Only is another and another and another—this, that, and other.

Only starts in a single state, then after questioning its awareness of being, embarks on a mission to answer this central mystery by testing its limits.

Only is Every. Only sees Every. Only sees OE. OE means Only/Every.

Through individuation and experimentation the one becomes manifold and aware of its dual existence.

[Only Every] [Get Real]