Only Every

Only wills being. Only will be. Only is. Only sees.

Only sees being. But seeing isn't believing. Alone without feeling, Only seeks meaning.

What else can be? Then Only is Other and another and another— this, that, and the other.

Only is Every. Only sees Every. Only sees OE. OE means Only/Every.

OE sees meaning. OE sees meaning in being. OE keeps meaning. OE keeps beings with meaning.

OE means to lean. OE is leaning. OE leans to mean. OE is meaning.

You and I are beings. We lean how we mean. OE sees our leanings. If our leanings have meaning, we keep on being.

Those are not leaning. No meaning without leaning. No being without meaning. Those are not beings.

See these others leaning? OE gleans their meaning. OE keeps these beings. OE is every being.

OE is only being OE: lean, mean being machine. To be is to lean. To mean is to be.