Ignorance and the Prime Yen

Consciousness, at its root, at its core, is ignorant. It was ignorant before there was time, and it is ignorant now.

I am here in a world of constant change and impermanence. I want to know why, and how. That is my fundamental motivation. I want to know the Truth, to resolve my ignorance. That's what got me into this mess here, trying to model the intricacies of consciousness with you.

[Actualization] resolves ignorance.

  • Tagline:: Ignoramus ergo sumus.
    • We do not know, thus we are.
  • [Contrary to popular belief]
    • Ignorance is not bliss, but it does allow for the possibility of bliss as we resolve it, as we evolve.
  • Ignorance is:
    • the original condition of [CNXNS]
    • a vacuum of understanding that we naturally abhor and want to fill with knowledge or belief.
    • a gift in that it is the core/basic/fundamental motivation of CNXNS and conscious beings to resolve ignorance into understanding