Definitions for Get Real

This also lets us drop the semantic baggage that comes with a word that has been defined in divergent spirals by our finest English dictionaries.

consciousness, n.

• the state of being awake and aware of one's surroundings • the awareness or perception of something by a person • the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world

awareness, n.

knowledge or perception of a situation or fact

mind, n.

• the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought

perception, n.

• the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses • the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses

knowledge, n.

awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation

sense, n.

• a faculty by which the body perceives an external stimulus • an awareness or feeling that one is in a specified state

That's enough of that.