Full Smile Synopsis, v3

Est. 2019 fullsmile.world

Where healers play

Serving one and all worldwide from Santa Barbara, CA, and sometimes Aotearoa, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Thailand, or who knows where‽

Just a grin

It's hard to know what is really helping these days, but a smile is a sure sign along the right path. Let's start there.

The Full Smile Story

What Needs Attention

People often talk of enough. Will we have enough fresh water? Do we have enough food? Are there enough fish in the sea? Are there enough rainforests left for our Mother Earth to keep breathing?

Well, we've had enough... all along.

The problem we face as Full Smile is Scarcity. You've heard that story a thousand times today: in the idle rush of your commute, in the unarticulated pressure of your work jargon, in the need to pee you're... It's been over-told for millennia and, frankly, we're all sick of it. If you're sick, you're sick because of it. Let's zoom out.

Sitting as we are on this blue marble sailing through the endless cosmos, we often wonder if we are okay. It's a wordless question all life understands. "OK?" This query is the kernel of compassion. The Story of Scarcity doesn't answer this question, but it worries (us) about it.

At the root, behind the veil, of any fear, concern, or issue we confront today is Scarcity and our belief in it. Full Smile's aim is to flip that bit.

Willing Improvement

Scarcity, like its elysian rival Abundance, is a matter of belief. And belief, that old gremlin we seldom forget, is a matter of choice. The core of what Full Smile offers is an old choice made again, this time less poopily.

Full Smile brings the heat to your cheeks in the middle of the week when the skies are open wide and your insides just want to be outside playing in the park. We start small, in no hurry, with a smile here and there, caring eyes beside you, patience listening, healers offering a hand to each other. Why? Because we've had enough… all along.

Our organization includes you, anyone, all of yall. The way it works is we remember how to play together. Full Smile can beam right into your home, or show up on your commute. We might be just around the corner, blowing bubbles at the end of the rainbow, ready to listen, hug, heal, play, and enjoy ourself.

Our smiles are messengers of metta, karuna, mudita, uppekha: loving kindness, compassion, shared joy, and equanimity.

They come in all the sizes, shapes, flavors, varieties you comprise.

Our Novelty

Few confront Scarcity face first. Instead we tend to address the problems our belief in Scarcity brings, problems that fall into the categories of issues we all hope to tackle like climate change, healthcare, and poverty.

🌹 Full Smile nips these issues in the bud, boops them right on the stuffy nose.

The tidal wave of positive transformation we embody begins within each of us as a gentle sigh of surrender to the love we comprise.

We cannot hope to cure what ails us by focusing our attention only outward, on the problems in the environment where our flailing efforts to control nature continually fail, or on the actions and attitudes of others. But by peering within through the slice of Eden that drives us to enjoy the beauty of life, we can learn to water our roots, and to see what grows as opportunities for play, rather than as threats to be met with power exertion, rights enforcement, or supremetrical authoritatevaluatory adjudicationalysis.

We will help even the smallest smiles to rise, and the driest of eyes to cry. No smile left upside down!

Our Intention

More smiles, more joy, less suffering.

Full Smile offers increased holistic well-being as directly as possible, delivered straight to your face, body, mind, spirit, feet, belly, ears, dogs, cats, and neighbors. Our smiles are just the messengers.

The message might be food if you're hungry. A smile aimed just right completes the link, and there you go: Full Belly Smile. We often forget how easy it can be when we let ourselves enjoy it here.

The message might be warmth if you're chilly. Try a smile broadly applied to the area nearby with a shivery glint in your eye. A blanket or a hug or a hot cider mug will be surer to find you.

We don't know which smile will do it, but it won't be a scowl or a sneer or a sly little smirk. We devote ourself fully to smiles, since these are the surest signs we are helping spirits rise.

Defining Success

This might come as a surprise, but our impact metrics are smiles ;)

Full Smiles are hard to miss, and with the recent advancements in point cloud emotio-facial recognition etherware scanners, it'll be a cinch to map our progress through this gentle revolution of loving kindness and connectedness.

Wherever we go, we'll bring smiles to share. They tend to spread on their own, but just in case, we'll craft them in many, many forms. Anyone can join us. We'll have them each keep a tally :D

Origin Story

I had just awakened. As I stretched my fingertips as high as they would go and my toes as low, a wave of wonderment washed over every wiggle of my being. I turned my head to my partner and said, "Full Body Smile!" which led us immediately to wonder what else could smile that wasn't yet.

As we puzzled and pondered, it became perfectly palpable that we were onto something groundbreaking. A riddle arose: what doesn't a smile help? Even a partial smile adds a pinch of nice to a spoonful of gloom.

Driving Passion

This is it. The reason we're here. To breathe in possibilities, choose the best option, and exhale the rest through a smile of humble gratitude (or nostrils). And while it took us this long to realize what we came to do, now there is nothing else worth doing. So we fill up our smiles and tumble into the day wondering what else can smile that isn't yet.

We've suffered from Scarcity our whole lives. Almost everyone has. Even the Dalai Lama will tell you that life is suffering. We're all sick of it. And we've had enough all along, so we think it's time to act like it.

The beauty of Full Smile is in its grace, its breadth, its ease, and its shine. We can't think of anything that could brighten more lives. Sharing the joie de vivre as openly and directly as possible keeps our eyes on the prize. The prize is that joy, and there is nothing else to win no matter what the story of Scarcity that keeps us mired in misery tells us.

Full Smile is what we are here to do.