Full Smile Synopsis

Version 1

Problem: Scarcity

People often talk of enough. Will we have enough fresh water? Do they have enough food? Are there enough fish in the sea? Is there enough rainforest left for our Mother Earth to keep breathing?

Well, we've had enough... all along.

The problem we confront face-first as Full Smile is Scarcity. You've heard this story a thousand times today. It's been over-told for millennia and, frankly, we're all sick of it. And if you're sick, you're sick because of it. Let's zoom out.

Sitting as we are on this blue marble sailing through the endless cosmos, we often wonder if we are okay. It's a wordless question all life understands. "OK?" This query is the kernel of compassion. The Story of Scarcity doesn't answer this question, but it worries (us) about it.

At the root, behind the veil, of any fear, concern, or issue we confront today is Scarcity and our belief in it. So we aim to flip that bit.

Solution: Abundance

Scarcity, like its elysian rival Abundance, is a matter of belief. And belief, we often forget, is a matter of choice. The core of what we offer is an old choice made again, this time less poopily.

Full Smile brings the heat to your cheeks in the middle of the week when the skies are open wide and your insides just want to be outside playing in the park. We start small, in no hurry, with a smile here and there, caring eyes beside you, patience listening, healers offering a hand to each other. Why? Because we've had enough… all along.

Our organization includes you, yall, all of yall.

You see, Scarcity and Abundance share a coin. We just want to flip it over. Because on the Abundance side of the coin, we share everything. And that means we have everything. Which means we don't want anything else. Which makes us wonder what we're striving for. It begs the question: What do we stand to win?

"Gotta leave that 9-to-5 up on the shelf, and just enjoy yourself." — Michael Jackson

Ismitis - inflammation of the belief hole.

It can. The first step along the path to Abundance is taken in each and every free willing mind when it replies "Yes, I'm okay."

Our organization includes you, anyone, all of yall. The way it works is we remember how to play together. Full Smile can beam right into your home, or show up on your commute. We might be just around the corner, blowing bubbles at the end of the rainbow, ready to listen, hug, heal, play, and enjoy ourself.

Our products are loving kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity. They come in all the sizes, shapes, flavors, varieties you like.


How is your idea innovative compared to other individuals or organizations addressing the problem?

Few confront the problem of Scarcity face first. Instead most tend to address the problems our belief in Scarcity brings, problems that fall into the categories of issues you aim to tackle at Echoing Green, such as Climate Change, Health, and Poverty.

Full Smile can nip these issues in the bud. We'll boop them right on the nose.

The tidal wave of positive transformation we seek begins within each of us as a gentle sigh of surrender to the love we comprise. We cannot hope to cure what ails us by focusing our attention outward, on the problems in the environment or in the actions and attitudes of others.


How will the lives of the target population be better because of your organization's work? (1000)


How will you track and assess the status and success of your organization? (500)


The climate is a reflection of our aggregate, holistic well-being. Full Smile looks to the kernel of radiant loving light within each of us and within every living breathing being on our fair mother earth. To reduce waste, we must see the value in everything we touch.