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Where healers play: an edutaining community of agnostic, holistic self healing, self knowledge, and full well being.

The Problem

We suffer. We look outward for remedies, treatments, medicine. We are addicted to grasping, junkies for control. We work ourselves to death for the spectre of progress. The meds work as long as don't stop taking them. We don't love ourselves enough to thrive.

The Solution

A safe, cozy, fun space for healers to pause and play as we learn and teach each other how to heal ourselves.

There are countless approaches to healing, from qigong to reiki, yoga to thai massage, cardio to cayenne cleanses, cryo tanks and float tanks, vipassana to scream therapy. How is someone who is hurting supposed to choose where to turn, where to start?


  1. Gather healers to play, share knowledge, and resolve on the first principles of self-healing.
  2. Create/design playgathers/feelsmiles/smilessons/ (no working or shopping involved) intended to guide attendees toward agnostic-holistic methods of self-healing.
  3. Develop a full-well-being self-evaluation: a toolkit for the atman's weatherpersons
  4. Offer self-healing programs for small groups at select pioneering locales.
  5. Share learnings and techniques with the global community via YouTube and illustrated adult-childrens-books.


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Louise L. Hay Marshall Rosenberg and NVC Radical Honesty Alan Watts "Become What You Are" Terence McKenna's Novelty Theory Jungian psychotherapy Ruiz' Four Agreements

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