100 Things to Do

  1. Write a children's book about satchitananda and the path of the atman.
  2. Offer the Play at Full Smile as a response to the Work.
  3. Write a one-pager for Full Smile about self-healing thru play.
  4. Make a deck for Full Smile.
  5. Make a greeting site for fullsmile.monster and fullsmile.world
  6. Do a handstand or headstand.
  7. Play the ukelele.
  8. Teach Leo a new word/trick/game.
  9. Learn, adapt, and attempt an old recipe.
  10. Draw a mandala.
  11. Write a poem.
  12. Condense your notebooks.
  13. Take a nap.
  14. Keep finishing one of the stuck books: Gødel Escher Bach, Gravity's Rainbow, Infinite Jest, Maps of Meaning, Sexual Personae, et al.
  15. Groom your hair, nails, skin, mouth, hands, feet, etc.
  16. Write a love note or a thank you note.
  17. Meditate.
  18. Progress toward Bhadrasana.
  19. Limber your wrists, hips, back, shoulders, etc.
  20. Wim Hof
  21. Floss
  22. Offer massage, to self if alone.
  23. Drink water.
  24. Straighten your posture.
  25. Wonder at nothing in particular.
  26. Take a photograph.
  27. Ask a friend/fam how they feel.
  28. Contemplate the unfortunate impossibility of suicide.
  29. Write/draw/talk/etc about drowning, about living past dying.
  30. Add to this list
  31. Ask someone "What is true?"
  32. Make handpainted bookmarks in dedicated books
  33. Make totems: whittled wood, wire and cork, origami, knit, sculpted clay
  34. Assemble travel dish sets: spork, coffee/water bottle, mug/bowl, handkerchief, camp towel, metal straw, all in a collapsible tote bag
  35. Craft decision makers: coins, dice
  36. Ask what can one/I/you/we give?
  37. Ponder free will: Do we freely choose and act? Am I the mover or the movement? The story or the teller?
  38. Make up a bedtime story